High Flash Plus 10

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Heavy-duty degreaser to remove grease and oils from engines, chassis and transmissions. Plus 10 emulsifies in water for easy rinsing. High Flash Plus 10 is a specially formulated version of Plus 10 designed to maintain the same performance as classic Plus 10, but with a much lower hazard profile, as it is non-flammable.

Size Available : 5L / 20L / 200L / 1000L

SDS : Download High Flash Plus 10 Safety Data Sheet


Use for cleaning work tops, floors, painted surfaces,door shuts, wheels, under bonnet areas, plant & manufacturing equipment. Apply by spray, mop, sponge or brush. Allow to dwell. Agitate if necessary and rinse with water. Dilutions: Degreasing Hot: 1:20 Cold 1:8 General cleaning Hot 1:50 Cold 1:30, Bug or ink removal, wheel cleaning & polymer removal 1:5


  • Non-flammable but performs like classic Plus 10
  • Effectively degreases engines, chassis and transmissions
  • Removes hydrocarbon (soft) wax from new cars
  • Contains rust inhibitors, safe on rubbers & plastics
  • Emulsifies in water for easy rinsing
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